Monday, 5 December 2011

Advent activities days 3 to 5

We had a very nice weekend.
On Saturday we went to Main Street Christmas at a local church.

This is TJ dancing to the God Rocks concert.  He preferred the volume in the hall.  It worked for me because MJ kept running up on stage.

waiting for the wagon ride
inflatable slide
inflatable toddler area
The boys made crafts, cookies, played games and watched a concert.  There were more things to do, but keeping up with MJ was very exhausting.

On Sunday the boys were with my parents so they didn't open their stocking.  The plan was to donate.  We have a bag of things that the boys helped me to collect from around the house.  We'll drop that off soon.

Sunday night TJ and I had a sleep over.  He had been asking for a while and since we weren't busy  I agreed.  He sure does talk a lot and he needs a lot of "friends" in bed.  But we had a good night and a great sleep in (thanks MJ!!!)

Today we were going to make treats, but we'd done enough of that on the weekend.  So we made a garland made from old christmas cards instead.

To make the garland.  Just cut circles from old greeting cards and attach them to some thread using a sticker!

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