Thursday, 22 December 2011

Chocolaty Treats

This past week the boys and I made some delicious chocolaty treats as gifts.  First we made some tree bark and then we made some chocolate covered pretzels.  While the end result is a surprise for the recipients I can say that it was a lot of fun to make.  Links to the original recipes are below.
TJ loved to hammer the candy canes

MJ's job was to eat!

TJ enjoying some of his hard work

MJ trying to help unwrap the candy canes

MJ got at the pretzels.  Don't worry I threw those ones out!

MJ has a go at hammering

TJ working on the candy canes
 My job was to melt the chocolate while also unwrapping candy canes and keeping MJ from making a mess!  I think next time I'll use some peppermint candies instead of mini candy canes, or I'll do some better prep work.

I got my inspiration and recipes for the tree bark from  Chocolate Muffin Tree and Soule Mama
We also made some Christmas Crunch from Made

What types of goodies are you working on?

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