Saturday, 25 February 2012

Melted Crayon Art

I have seen this idea floating around on the blogosphere for a while now.  All you need to do is a google search for melted crayon art and you'll see tones of inspiring ideas.  It is a very simple craft which only cost about $2 using supplies from the dollar store.

Sorry for the half dressed boys in the photos.  It is a rare occasion to have them fully dressed these days.  They always come up with some excuse to get undressed.

First I let TJ choose the crayons he wanted while I glued them in order to the canvas.  I used a glue gun.
TJ concentrating on the order of his crayons
MJ coloured with his crayons as he wasn't interested in our craft
Next we places the canvas in a small tray to catch the drips and turned on the hair dryer. It took a bit of experimenting with the settings to get it to melt. Be patient and be sure to point the hair dryer down so as not to get big splatters.
Starting to melt
Once finished TJ confascated the dryer to experiemnt with.  He discovered he could shoot different objects down the hall.  Lots of fun for all!
MJ started to play dress-up

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