Thursday, 9 February 2012

Fairy Houses

I know I am getting quite behind in my blog posts.  I just looked at the pictures I down loaded today and some are from a few weeks ago.  My only excuse is that I am busy being a mom and playing with my kids!
The weather this winter has been rather mild and the boys have loved being outside without freezing too much.  TJ has taken to exploring the property and is also into digging (we are going to have to seed the lawn in the spring!).  In an effort to head him off before he grabbed his shovel again, I suggested he play with the large pile of river rocks across the lane.

MJ wanted to help carry rock too.  He took his pile to the sand box.
I came back to see him carrying the stones one at a time back to the front lawn.  Being the helpful mommy that I am, I handed him a bucket so he could carry more.  When I asked what he was doing, we noticed that his pile looked like a Pountie house (fairies) from a story he had heard. Okay forgive me here because I have no idea how to spell.
TJ's fairy house
TJ got all excited and began to gather some fir boughs because Pounties like needles not bark for their roof.  He set to work for a long time talking about his fairy house and the Martin and Sylvia story he likes to listen to.

So what is the story?  We first heard of Sparkle Stories from another blog.  I discovered there was a free story you could download called "The Goose Pond".  We must have listened to this story dozens of times now.  They are subscription stories that you can download and keep and are about different topics. I would love to get the boys a subscription to At home with Martain and Sylvia so TJ can hear more, (Hint Hint), but it is not in my budget at the moment.

After a while we all went over the the wood pile to play.  MJ couldn't get enough of climbing and jumping.  He obviously needed my full attention and help for that so I couldn't get a picture of him playing.  TJ on the other hand found a nice cozy spot to sit and fish.  He caught many fish for me with that skipping rope he found in the shed.

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