Monday, 3 September 2012

Getting Laundy done!

Around our house the laundry does get done, but recently the folding part has been taking longer than it should.  At times my husband is looking through the dryer for his work clothes instead of in his drawers.  At any given time I have between 3-6 loads to fold.  I am thinking we need to pare down our wardrobe, but also there are certain points during the year when the boys are messier ad muddier than others.
 I am no longer hiding it all away and leaving it only for me to do in the evenings.  We are now sorting and folding laundry together.  We dumped all the clean clothes in the middle of the family room and with the help of the boys and their loaders, we sorted it all into piles (each person got a pile for their clothes, one for towels too).
TJ was very proud to learn how to start folding his own clothes.  He worked on his pile while I did he others.  Then his loader helped deliver the clothes to the right room.  MJ had fun being 'strong' and carrying things for me too.

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