Monday, 23 July 2012

More summer activities for kids!

Wow I just realized that my last post with the giveaway was my 200th post!!!

Congratulations to Jessica Lynette Morris I'll be contacting you to choose your sock monster.

For those of you who haven't noticed my blog posts have been few and far between recently.  This is because I have been busy with house renos and living life with my kiddies.  I am making a focused effort to be more present and so I will be on the computer a little less.  But I will continue to share with you often.

Here are some more fun things we have been doing recently.

Rice sensory bin (the loader is helping to clean up spills)

Bubbles with friends

We made more fairies because you can never have enough

We went to the beach (Hamilton harbour)

A neighbour was moving and gave us a big roll of paper!  So much fun to colour on

Homemade playdough and craft bits (these are cake pops they made)

Homemade playdough 'desserts'

Mud bakery (so simple yet so fun)

Making muffins with mud

A fun lobster apple snack we made (I used a pear and apple)

TJ dressing up.  The amazing skirt we won from Beneath the Rowan Tree (amazing items there)

How is your summer going??

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