Monday, 9 July 2012

Fun Summer activities

I finally down loaded photos off my phone.  In going through them I realized we have a lot of fun!  I thought I'd share some photos and activities for the kids:

What started off with painting wooden bird houses, turned into painting each other!

Find a splash park, or a big puddle!

Let them play in a huge pile of dirt (this one was next to the garden plot)

Sensor bins with beans and pasta

Washing the car and their toys

Build a fort (this is just the beginning of our teepee in the forrest)

Make a nature stick.  Put some tape on a stick and add objects as you go for a hike!

Let them play with flour and baking items!
Have fun with ice cubes.  It was fun to rescue the toys and cars from the ice, then 'paint' on the sidewalk with them.
What else are you doing with your kids?  I'd love some new ideas!

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