Friday, 22 June 2012

More of MJ's birthday photos

Good Morning Birthday Boy
Here are some photos of what we did for MJ's actual birthday on Tuesday.  We mostly played at home for the day.  I asked TJ if he feel like going to a splash park, but the boys enjoyed  the house more.  We played bubbles, painted, looked at photo albums and had a wonderful day together. Dinner was MJ's favourite meal of spaghetti ('gebby') and ice cream for dessert.

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New Socktopus and bottle quickly found their way into the truck

painting with bubble wands, balls, etc.

Body painting

More body painting

MJ covers himself too

Foot prints
 The boys loved this messy painting.  They enjoyed the feeling of the paint on their feet.  The lawn looks bad, but should clean up after the next mowing.

Happy Birthday my little one!

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