Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Happy Birthday MJ

I can hardly believe my little MJ is already 2 years old.
He brings such joy to our lives.  This year he has really begun to communicate.  He started with signing and quickly moved on to a few words, and now he won't stop talking!! I love the running commentary of his day.  It also help greatly now that he can tell us what he needs and what is wrong.  He also love to sing!   

MJ is also a mover.  He has already learned to ride a tricycle, the teeter-toter swing in the swing set, and climbs anything!  He loves to run all over and wrestle too.  And MJ is all boy, anything with wheels is a delight for him, along with sand, mud, puddles...

My little MJ is also a cuddle monster.  He loves his bottle and 'Taggie' and suggling with me.  I think he would enjoy being carried everywhere (except when he is running around).
MJ at the hospital a few hours old
On Saturday we had a birthday party for MJ.  I had decided to make cake pops (photos coming) so we had to have some cake for breakfast! I spent the morning with Aunty Bonnie making desserts while the boys went on a special mission to buy a toy boat to replace TJ's.
TJ is thrilled about cake for breakfast!
 In the afternoon we went to Lowville Park for a picnic.  We joined by some family and friends to play in the river and eat.  It was a wonderful time.  I'll be posting more about that and what we are up to today a little later.

Handmade party hats for the boys.
If you are interested in a party hat you can contact me through my Facebook Page

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