Thursday, 24 May 2012

Reshaping my vision

I was reading a post yesterday about casting a vision for my boys. I really have gotten into a bad slump, only focusing on the negative. I'm intentionally going to share a bit about my wonderful boys today. Let us work to reshape our vision for our children. I encourage you all to visit the MOB (Mother of Boys) Society to read some uplifting articles. There is the MOD Squad too for daughters!

Proud TJ and cousin baby James

TJ(4years) is very caring. When we were at our garden plot he sat with our droopy little lettus seedling encouraging it to grow. He also decorated the plot so that the butterfly we saw will come and visit again and be happy. TJ is imaginative and playful. He is always making his stuffed toys talk and includes them in our activities. Last night he dressed in his Lightning McQueen costume to go to the grocery store!

MJ (2years) is determined and independent (in a good way). He isn't quite 2 yet but has taught himself to ride his tricycle by watching his brother. He loves to try new things and doesn't give up right away. He will sit for a long time assembling wooden train tracks and playing happily. MJ makes me laugh. Throughout the day I often find he'll do or say something unexpected that makes me laugh. When I put him to bed he often sings silly songs and makes little faces at me.

I love my boys. I could go on for hours about them, and I do to anyone willing to listen. Thank you for the opportunity to share and remind myself of how wonderful they are!

I'd love to hear about the wonderful little people in your lives!

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  1. Loved your post about your sweet boys. I, too, can get into a bad place of focusing on the negative when it comes to my boys. When we see look more at their good qualities and the million reasons we love them....the negative is overshadowed. Thank you for sharing your heart. So excited that you're joining us for the 7 Days of Hope for the Weary Boy Mom next week. Can't wait to get started. I pray that we will all be blessed as we share our hearts with one another and encourage each other.