Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Child's Play

The boys and cousin E were playing with all our bins of objects (magnets, shells, feathers, rocks...).  I had started by making a few magnet pictures for them.  Later when TJ got at the camera he took some interesting photos of their work.

This last one reminds me of an eye spy book.  I think I've got an idea brewing!  We may be making out own eye spy book in the coming months.


Thank you to all who came by to visit my facebook page.  MeAgain Creations now has 24 likes.  I'd love to get up and over 30 by the end of the week.  I also made 4 sales over the weekend!! Those people got to take advantage of the sale I had on.

Please stop by and visit my store.  I have big plans to add more items.  In the mean time I encourage custom orders and requests for items.


  1. What a fun activity for all! Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!!

  2. Looks like colourful fun :-) And an eye spy books sounds great! Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times :-)

    P.s. your parcel is in the mail!