Friday, 14 September 2012

Week 2 Kindergarten updates

This week we have been getting into a better rhythm.  The boys are settling in better with having the daycare at our house.  Having new children in the home is an adjustment but I'm proud of my boys, they are learning to share, very welcoming and helpful.

Monday our focus was nature.  We went for a walk to the nature park down the street, on a beautiful sunny day.  We saw lots of turtles and snails.  After looking around the boardwalk we followed the city lawn mower around!

 Tuesday our focus was handiworks.  We made kites to go along with our story.  TJ made several kites so he could have back-ups.  The boys spent a wonderful afternoon running around (TJ even attached one to his bike!)

 Wednesday we took everyone from our daycare to a local apple farm.  The kids played with their toys,  visited the animals and then picked lots of apples.  Super Sam joined up for the fun! Wednesday is usually our baking day.  Today we made bell pepper / spinach muffins.  Everyone but TJ liked them.

Cool apple candle to celebrate an apple picking day
Thursday is our sensory day. Since we had a smaller group we decided to make mud in the boys garden.  They had a fun time with our littlest daycare friend making mud soup.  Later TJ also decided to dig his own garden plots at the house. That evening while visiting out real garden plot we harvested a whole basket of tomatoes! MJ got really into picking things and brought me our pumpkin.  we were hoping to keep it growing until next month.  TJ already has a long list of things we can make with it.

Friday morning TJ found a toad.  He asked me to keep it or get him a real pet.  We made Toady a little home and let him go by lunch (especially because it was raining for the afternoon).  During colouring we pretended that our crayons were following the path of a leaf on the paper.  Then we made paper planes and helicopters.
Toady in top right corner

marching band fun!
 We are using the same songs and poems each day for circle time.  I love that the boys are learning the songs and sing while playing.  Both boys love Super Sam and TJ is helping out a lot with the story.

Looking forward to more fun next week!

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  1. I came by way of Waldorf Wednesday. I started following you. I have a home daycare with my mama... hope you come visit my blog!

  2. Looks like a great week-- love your apple candle! Thank you for linking up to Waldorf Wednesday.

  3. LOVE that apple candle! If we didn't have such a problem with fruit flies, I would totally give it a try!