Saturday, 22 September 2012

First day of fall

Wishing everyone the most blessed fall season!

We got off to a slow start today.  I slept in because I could (no daycare today)! So the boys watched too much TV while I checked emails etc.

We decided just to hear some poems and a story for our circle time.  I was very excited to share some poems from A Child's Seasonal Treasury about the secret inside an apple.  Then Laura from Come Together Kids had just posted the story of the apple tree which I was saving for today.
MJ had wandered off but TJ was listening intently to the story.  When it was finished I asked if he wanted to see if our apples had the secret star inside.  He was so astonished (I loved his reaction).  We also discovered later in the day that pears also have a star inside too.

While Jon and TJ went to the garage and auto parts store, MJ and I went to visit Aunty Brooke and Uncle Steve.  They generously gave us some (a van load) of shade plants.  On our way home MJ and I went to a local farm to buy the last of the summer corn and a few gourds.  We then spent the afternoon planting.  The boys loved riding on the tractor, digging dirt and hauling rocks. The side garden is really shaping up.

Today is also another day of firsts.  I did canning for the first time and I do believe it worked out!  My mother-in-law kindly gave me some canning supplies when we were at the cottage last weekend.  We also picked some apples at the cottage and the local farm.  My sister gave us a large basket of pears too.  It took a very long time with the food mill, but I managed to make 8 jars and some extra bowls of pear apple sauce.

I'd love to hear how you spent your first day of fall...

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  1. We missed the first day of fall this year. :/ It was great reading about how you marked the day! Thanks for linking up to Waldorf Wednesday.