Monday, 2 April 2012

Egg Experiments

You have to go over to either The Chocolate Muffin Tree or Tinker Lab to check out their amazing Egg Week activities.  This week the boys (mostly TJ) and I tried a few with great success!

We first did the Transparent and Bouncy Egg experiment.  We just simply placed a raw egg and a hard boiled egg into a container of vinegar and waited a day or so.
Our eggs in their containers.  The froth is the shells that dissolved.
TJ and I compared the differences in size and texture.  We gently squeezed the eggs and bounced them.  After that we went to the leaf pile to drop the eggs harder.  The raw egg splattered easily but the hard boiled egg needed to be bounced twice before it broke.  Very cool!
Our eggs after the experiment.  Look at the differences!!
Next we also made Egg Geodes using some different things from around the house.  I showed TJ pictures of what should happen to our eggs.  We then made predictions about what our eggs might do.
Egg Geodes at the beginning (Salt, Sugar, Borax, Washing Soda)

TJ's predictions (Washing Soda makes biggest chunks, Borax makes smallest chunks)
We waited a few days to check out our results (not without a lot of peaking).  Here is what we came up with.
Our reults

Washing Soda had impressive crystal results

Salt had crystals forming on the outside

Borax had some residual crystals at the bottom

I wanted to share this with you early in the week so that you could try some too.  We plan to make some natural dyed eggs later in the week with our cousin.  We may also have an egg and spoon race with our knit eggs or some hard boiled ones.

What are you doing with your eggs??


  1. Oh....I'm loving the egg geode experiment. I"m pinned that and WILL be doing it soon! Could you explain more about TJ's predictions? You wrote the text for each experimental group, do the colors have certain significance? Than I assume you wrote his predictions of what would happen? I'm all about getting Caleb (my almost 5 year old) to predict and extrapolate.

    1. Before we started our experiment I showed TJ pictures from the blog I found the original idea from so that he's have some idea of what we were going to do. I pulled out several things substances I thought might work and let TJ choose from them. We didn't really think about the colour choices it was just to tell them all apart. For his predictions TJ talked about which eggs would have big chunks or small ones (he's only 3 so we couldn't think of another word). He also thought that nothing might happen for the sugar. If we had more time (did this during MJ's nap) we would have taken more time to talk about what was actually happening with the solutions.

  2. Very neat experiment with the egg geodes. Definitely something to try with my children!