Wednesday, 1 August 2012

learning on our hike

 The boys and I went for a hike the other day.  It was our farthest walk yet (I did bring the stroller for MJ).  We had a great time just walking, singing, and marvelling at nature.

TJ's perfect walking stick
MJ found lots of sticks
Although I totally didn't plan it, we ended up having some interesting science conversations along the way.  I can tell you that TJ just loves to understand how things work and to learn cool facts.  He probably knows and remembers more about nature than the grade 4 student I used to teach (not tooting my own horn here, TJ is just so curious).

Interesting roots TJ found

Area that we check on and compare each season.

TJ asked about where all the water went from the photo above, as there was a pound of snow and ice in the winter.  I answered him simply, but he wanted to know exact details.  We got talking about the water cycle and he how plants use water.  We also looked at some fallen trees and talked about decomposition and tree life cycles.  TJ also loves to explain to anyone willing to listen all about tree roots, how they work and what happens if they aren't there. He will also tell you all about cycles and different cycles he knows.

I am amazed each day at what my kids a learning just by taking time to be with them and answer their questions.  My boys are such a joy to me. Being a parent is so fun and rewarding.

Parenting is also very humbling.  They remind me daily of my weaknesses.  Children imitate everything you do (good and bad).  It is a great responsibility to be a model all day long for your kids.  I got very frustrated at MJ yesterday because he wouldn't nap (that is a whole other issue) but mommy had a bit of a tantrum.  Of course I apologized to the boys afterwards.  TJ said "Mommy I'll always forgive you all the way to the sky and back."

Thank you Lord for my boys and the lessons we are all learning together!

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