Friday, 3 February 2012

Treasured Moments

Last night as I drifted off to sleep I was thinking about all the small things I cherish about my family.  There are small moments in the days that I try to treasure in my heart.
I was reminded of Luke 2:19 
But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

I can honestly say that at 4am as I write this I am not treasuring this!  MJ has always had trouble staying asleep but it is not every night.  Every so often he'll wake in the night and just decide to be awake.  He must be the most unconsolable child alive because we have never been able to sooth him back to sleep.  When he was really little we'd use the swing.  As he got a bit earlier he'd come an share my bed.  It would take over an hour and more than one bottle but I could get him to sleep.  Since he started walking it's been impossible to get him back to sleep in the night.  We now have to be up for about 4hours and then try again.  Needless to say it is getting really frustrating especially since we never know which night he'll decide to wake up at random.  Tonight Jon went to bed at 2am and MJ woke at 3am, Jon has to go to work really early too.  At the moment he is emptying my craft drawers onto the floor as I write because we've decided not to let him watch any movies at night as we have in the past (4hours is a long time to be up and quiet). I'm going to try the 90min sleep cycle idea (not too hopeful at this point).

Okay it is now 8am and we did get to sleep finally.  I tried MJ around 4:30am and he tried but then poped up and actually climbed out of the playpen I had him in.  I tried again and he freaked out and screamed a lot.  Then I put him in my bed and he fell asleep on me (I couldn't move but we did get some rest). But I wasn't planing to write about MJ so please forgive me for complaining.  Any suggestions or encouragement would be nice. I was going to delete the first part of this post but then I decided to keep it.

Think positive.....

*I am blessed that I can help my little one sleep.

*I the feeling of a sleeping child next to me and listening to their peaceful breathing.

*Observing the boys as they play is always a treasure.  They are both at different stages and it is neat to see what they are thinking.  MJ loves to connect trains and tracks together.  He is so intentional about it too.  MJ is also really into pouring liquids into different containers.  TJ is mixed between reality and imagination.  His toys can talk if you squeeze them and make them talk, but at the same time his car mat is just roads and glued on flat buildings.

*The other day we had a tone of snow. Jon got out the snowblower which was thrilling for the kids. I wish I had a camera to remember Daddy pushing the snowblower down the lane, TJ following close behind with a paint roller on a pole and little MJ chasing after them with a kids snow shovel.
TJ loves to eat snow
* TJ just got a new bike from Nanny.  He is so proud of himself for riding all the way to the park.  He is determined to to it all himself, hills and all.

*My boys and I bake every week.  I love to remember how they have progressed from watching, to holding a spoon, to scooping and now measuring.  TJ is interested in trying to actually measure while MJ is into digging and scooping the flour.  We managed to make muffins, icing and dinner all while having fun (usually mommy stresses about the mess).  I'm relaxing more each time and remembering that it is the process not the product that is important.
Boys made a concoction with bread crumbs
*Snow.  It is peaceful to look at and so much fun for the boys.
* smiles!  need I say more

*Random hugs (TJ runs up singing hug-a-bug-a-bug).  I love my snuggly guys
MJ's smiles are particularly mischievous
*Quiet mornings with TJ.  Often MJ is the first up but for a few times last week TJ woke up earlier and came into my bed with me to snuggle.

* Lighting a candle and having to sing "Happy Birthday" to each boy every time we eat a cupcake at home.
Our healthy muffins with icing
*Watching the boys help each other without prompting.  This is so special because I feel like finally something we are trying to demonstrate and teach them is sinking in. It isn't too often at this point because of their ages, personality and such but it is nice when they do try to play together.

So although I am very tired today I am also extremely blessed.  My boys are teaching me so much.  I have changed since becoming a mother and I want to thank them a million times over for that!

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  1. Aren't they just the sweetest when they are asleep? :)