Monday, 8 October 2012

Week 5: The acorn family

I realized that I hadn’t written about our week.  Here are some highlights.

New veggie we found at the garden plot
 Woody, Pip, and Hazel
On Monday we visited the garden plot and found a new veggie to explore.  We also spent a nice day around the house.  In our stories we were introduced to the Acorn family and friends. 
Pumpkin rocks to give at Thanksgiving
On Tuesday we went to the early years center to meet some friends.  We hadn’t been in quite a while and had a nice time.  In the afternoon we had to go downtown to get our police checks done.  Not a very exciting afternoon but the kids all did well.  Later in the evening my friend came to visit and the boys decorated some rocks they had painted orange for their pumpkin rocks.

On Wednesday the kids helped me to wash all our pie pumpkins.  After I cut them up to bake I thought the children would enjoy scooping out the insides but they all thought it was too slimy.  Because I was busy with all the pumpkins it was a bit chaotic.  But we did end up with 14cups of puree and everyone learned to play by themselves a little more.  During quiet time I we also opened a new box of window crayons which was fun.
Yummy pumpkin pancakes

All our friends out on a walk
 On Thursday we started our day with some delicious pumpkin pancakes.  We had plans to meet a new friend, but our plans changed.  Since the weather was so beautiful we decided to take a picnic lunch down the hill to Kern Cliff Park.  We saw several people painting and hope to do the same some time.  It was great for the boys to climb and run about. Thursday afternoon my sister came for a great visit.
The boys climbing rocks

Sam and Mr. Squirrel out on our walk

Beauty of fall!
On Friday we had a full house and loads of fun.  It was painting day and the children worked on invitations for the fall harvest party they are hosting at the end of the month.  We painted their hand to make a tree print and then they used their fingertips to make little leaves.  It turned out very well.  Our new songs for circle time are also being learned quickly.

Finger painting fall trees
MJ making leaves
This week I did a lot of baking and packing for the weekend.  We first went to Meaford on Saturday to visit one set of grandparents.  It rained on and off all day but didn’t let that stop us from looking at all the scarecrows around town and visiting a local market for apples.  The boys loved playing at their house. 

The next day after a late start we visited my husbands' aunt and then headed off just past Orillia to visit another set of grandparents.  At the cottage our boys went fishing, played outside all afternoon, made a big fire and enjoyed visiting cousins and relatives.  Although they didn’t eat much of the dinner they were sure to be ready for a yummy dessert (we brought pumpkin cake with Nutella icing).  It was nice to not have to run off and head home again, as we decided to stay the night.
Thanksgiving Place Mats
Monday we got going late from the cottage and then got stuck in traffic for several hours.  We went straight to my parents for another lovely dinner.  The kids made fun place mats using clear contact paper and leaves.  They were rather restless by the end of the weekend.  The food was delicious and it was wonderful to see my family.

I realized that although we did a lot of fall activities this week I forgot to focus on Thanksgiving with the boys.  We do talk about being thankful daily, but I know I could have made more effort with that.  We did talk more about it on the weekend though.

Upon reflection of the week, I’m noticing that TJ and I are becoming increasingly frustrated with each other.  I’m reminding myself not to get into an argument with a 4 year old.  I’ve got to work on actually liking the kids next week and catching them being nice. UPDATE: just read the most amazing articles on 4 year olds over at The Parenting Passageway that really helped put things into perspective.

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  1. Your Woody, Hazel, and Little Pip are so sweet! Thanks for sharing on Waldorf Wednesday. Hope to see you back this week!