Monday, 2 July 2012

Our Family Rhythm (Part 2)

Last week I posted about our family rhythm - Our Family Rhythm Part 1 Today I'd like to share with you a few things I am learning along the way while trying to keep this rhythm.

One of the biggest changes as been around my sleeping.  Melissa suggests that going to bed early and rising early will allow us all to be more rested and get a head start on the day.  I have seen the positive difference it has made for me.  I am still working very hard at going to bed early, there always seems to be one more thing to do on my list.

Getting up early is great because I have time to pray and read my bible.  This consistency gives me strength and encouragement before my day even begins. I am also able to do some work for our company, Integrity Fire and Control Systems Inc., and get prepared for my day with the kids.  This has become essential as our home daycare has plans to grow. I find even if I wake up just a few min earlier than MJ or take some time while he watches a show, it does make a big difference in my over all attitude.

Another big change that I am working on is how much we are home.  When I looked at our week I realized that we were out for play dates at least twice a week, then there was groceries, errands, family evenings out, church, etc.  How could I work on a strong rhythm when we weren't even home?  I also noticed that my boys behaviour has been a challenge too so being at home allows me to work on that.  Tj is a highly sensitive child and I am HS myself, being at home more allows for some peace, order, and consistency, which helps a lot.  So if you notice that I am not getting together with you as often, please don't be offended.  Our visits with you will be more engaging and rewarding!  We don't seem to get bored being at home, in fact given the options, the boys would rather play here and explore our yard.

If you have children that nap I strongly suggest that you respect rest time!  We have had one too many disastrous afternoons this past week, including a rather embarrassing mommy tantrum.  I am learning through experience that it may be better to reschedule an activity if possible, than to drag some tired children around.  If I had rescheduled then we may have had a more enjoyable time and better memories. So with that in mind I will be saying no more often to afternoon activities over the summer.

Finally I am learning that with all new things I need to be patient, and keep trying.  We may slip now and then.  This week has had a minimal rhythm as we have been completely focused on major house renos.  Things will come up, but each new day is an opportunity to try again!  Here is a great blog post about how rhythm really is tied to you! Rhythm With a Crazy Life

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  1. I have gotten really bad about maintaining a natural flow at our house. We are so out of "rhythm" here. Hubby is leaving soon, so it will be primarily up to me to get the kiddos (and myself) back on track. I used to love getting up early, and it sets the tone for the whole day, but I haven't even been good at *that* lately. Interesting to read about how your days are coming together.