Monday, 23 January 2012

Calm Down Basket

When I saw this incredible idea today on Positive Parenting I knew I just had to make one. She better describes the purpose than I can, so you may want to check out the post and this back post about the calm down corner.
Balloons filled with playdough
In our house we have realized that things can get quite out of control.  TJ is a highly sensitive child who feels his emotions so deeply.  Recently both Jon and I have noticed that we are loosing our cool and control when dealing with the kids.  We are working towards regaining our own self-control and creating a peaceful place for TJ to calm down when we gets upset. This of course is used rarely and is only one part of what we do to help the boys.

Enter the calm down basket!!!  For us we feel TJ's room is the best spot as we live in a bungalow and there isn't a good corner to use.  Here is what is in our basket so far.

TJ checks out the new basket

Squishy balloons
Note book and pencil
Stress toy
Eye-Spy jar

Rice jar with little objects

I plan to add a mind jar and maybe a finger puppet too.  TJ communicates very well to toys about his feelings.  The mind jar is just too cool, I just need the supplies first.

I think he likes it!

Also if you are interested I highly recommend the book the Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine N. Aron.  It helped us to understand TJ (and my own) uniqueness.

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  1. Great ideas thanks! Can I just ask what you see in TJ that makes you think he is a highly sensitive child? Sorry I know its a personal question but I think I may have a sensitive boy but would be great to gage what another Mothers idea of a sensitive child is. My son gets so nervous about new situations, really dislikes most adults and refuses to achknowledge them in any way and that is just the start.