Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Sneak Peek - Gifts For the Boys part 2

Oh how I love looking at the inspirational ideas from different blogs.  Unfortunately the more I look the more ideas I get.  My list keeps getting longer and longer.
Who couldn't want some of these incredible treats by Dana from Made


I began to look around for more felt food  and made a huge shopping list.  I only made a few things on the list, but I'll keep making more if the boys enjoy playing with these fun treats for Christmas.

Here is MJ's Christmas present
Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, pancakes
Bologna sandwich and hotdogs
Mushrooms, carrot, pear, banana, fish
Treats: cookies, lollipop, popsicle chocolate bar
Adorable small tote from Value Village on sale.
 I think I'll work on more food for Easter or Valentines.  I have this super cute material from Ikea that I want to make a shopping bag.

If you are interested in making some felt food here are some great blogs to get you started
Playing with your food
Free Play Food Patterns
Helping Little Hands

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