Thursday, 27 October 2011


The other day a very good friend of mine gave our boys a special Halloween treat.  We were all given a chocolate pumpkin sucker and TJ also got a gummy candy skewer.  Oh TJ couldn't wait to eat his treats but it was late at night so we had to wait.
Thank you Nanny for TJ's Lightning McQueen Costume.
TJ hasn't taken it off for a few days except to sleep and reminds us often that he is a car.
The next day at snack time I let him eat half of the chocolate and a few gummies.  I figured that was enough for one day.  MJ got to eat 2 small pumpkin candies.

Later in the afternoon I asked him to choose one or the other.  After munching on his chocolate for a bit he looked over and realized MJ had a whole sucker that he wasn't really eating.  Of course MJ had just woken up and was rather grumpy at the time.  
MJ in his new Tigger costume along with his cousin as a fairy.
Thanks again to Nanny for so much fun!
I noticed that TJ laid his sucker near MJ in the table.  I thanked TJ for trying to help cheer up MJ and gave it back to him.  I thought nothing of it.  After snack time TJ wanted to talk to me about MJ's chocolate.  He insisted that MJ needed to share his sucker.  I passed it off and we went out to play.  At bed time TJ brought it up again.  I tried to explain that it was MJ's sucker and he had eaten his own.  TJ didn't like that and insisted that MJ had to share.  

"But you didn't share your candy," I said.  
"Yes I did", says TJ, "I put my chocolate near MJ but he didn't want it!" (this in a frustrated voice)
How could I respond?  I could only laugh and hug my TJ!

He had offered a half eaten sucker to a crying baby and expected to get his share in return.
I will still have to deal with the issue tomorrow, but for now I am thankful I got to see a glimpse into how TJ's mind works.

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