Monday, 27 June 2011

What have we been up to

I just downloaded some pictures from my phone and camera.  I had forgotten that I had so many pictures of what we've been doing so I thought I'd share some that aren't already in other posts.

Just back from a ride through the forrest

Making a road and the Early Years Centre

Elephant Bath and the African Lion Safari

MJ using the lawn mower to help him walk

TJ and I went on a date to the mall

We went to the cottage this weekend and had a great time.  Both of the boys love water and didn't mind that it was a bit chilly.  They were outside all day and never stopped playing.  MJ is walking father now (he did almost 20 steps).  I'm most excited about the fact that we all slept in today.  I think that is the first time for me in over a year.

How have you been?

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