Monday, 18 April 2011

Random Ramblings

Today I have a lot of random things on my mind.

Last night I was feeling overwhelmed by all the different things and areas of my life that I struggle to balance throughout the week.  I wrote them all down in no particular order to clear my mind and realized that I had put God at the bottom and my husband never even made it to the list.  Then I was feeling bad.  So today I think for myself I need to write down all the areas again but in a priority order.  That way when I feel overwhelmed again I can look at my list and pick something to work on.

Okay so on my list was to make more food from scratch.  I'm trying to move towards a healthier lifestyle (not that we were all that bad).  Once I got into my mind that our activity of the day was to bake, we were very relaxed and not rushed about it.  TJ had a great time driving the ingredients to me with his truck.  He scooped, measured and had so much fun.  We made a double batch of the dry ingredients (our our muffin mix) for next time.  He loved to bake so I think this is going to be fun.  I usually go all out with an idea and give up because it is a lot of work.  I'm going to go slowly with one food at a time.  I welcome your recipes or suggestions here.

My last thing today is a problem I have with TJ.  I really need advice !!  TJ eats play dough.
Ever since he was a baby he has eaten play dough, paint, glue, sand, gravel, dirt...  He is starting to outgrow it now.  When he was really little he'd eat things as a way of telling me he was done because I'd get upset and take it away.  I gave up on the paint and let him eat it, now he doesn't do it anymore.  I have asked nicely, explained why he shouldn't, given a time out, threatened to throw out the play dough but nothing works.  Should I just let him eat it and see if he gives up one day?

Thanks for reading.  Looking forward to some comments.


  1. You could try making some playdough that you wouldn't mind him eating. I've heard of peanut butter playdough and others that could possibly be at least better to eat than commercial brand.

    That's cute to have him bring you ingredients w/his truck -- neat idea!

  2. Oh, and I want to add that you're not alone struggling with balance... or with how much effort it can take to eat healthier. :)